About SA Steel Structures

SA Steel Structures is a relatively new company, established in 2006 in Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa.  Though the company itself is fairly young, the experience and knowledge of the team is enriched and plentiful.  With neighbouring countries demands for steel structures on the rise, the request for our services has never been greater, and our steel structures are even starting to appear in other African countries.


Our Mission:

At SA Steel Structures we have one mission only, to become extremely well-known in the market place as being the company that creates the best, most innovative designs and highest quality manufactured steel structures.

Our Team:

Our expert team of professionals consist of 12 different members, all of which are extremely knowledgeable and experienced within the steel structures sector. Our team provide an exceptional level of service, our designers are highly experienced and expertly trained, and are meticulous in their designs, creating something innovative and exciting as well as useful. The designs are created by a Civil Engineer, who can produce their certificates and drawings upon request. Our experienced and qualified in-house team, erect the steel structures quickly and professionally, so that they are extremely secure and stunning to look at.  We communicate with our customers throughout the entire design and build process, offering support throughout, to make the journey a pleasant one for you. There is no job too big or small for our expert team, we thoroughly enjoy a challenge and relish the chance to take on larger tasks.

Our Services:

We design and manufacture high quality steel structures.  Our designs are fully customisable and tailored to meet our customer’s specific requirements, therefore our services can be used by a wide range of professionals, which include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Airplane and/ Helicopter owners.
  • Business owners utilise our service for a vast array of purposes: Warehouses, Factories, etc,
  • Farmers looking to build barns, stables, or requiring steel structures for any other purpose.
  • Architects.

Furthermore, we are able to provide additional structure options, such as roller shutter door frames, ridge mounted ventilators, crane rails and much more. Contact us with your specific requirements to find out if we provide the additional structure options you need.

Why Us?

The quality of materials and designs that we provide are second to none, we have designed for some exciting clients, including the Eagles Creek Aviation Estate for whom we have  been awarded  as the sole contractor to design, manufacture and erect all the airplane and helicopter hangers.  We pride ourselves on our highly rated quality and design. Whilst we are experienced and traditional in many respects, we are fairly young in others, as such we bring with us a fresh and motivational attitude with innovative ideas and forward thinking.