Steel Structures for Farmers

Until recently farmers have always built their barns and buildings using a wooden timber frame and high quality woods, however, now more farmers are starting to realise the benefits of using steel structures and so more agricultural building are being made from steel.

Steel is extremely durable and versatile, as such it can be used to make pretty much any agricultural structure you can think of, including, but not limited to:

  • Stables
  • Lambing sheds
  • Hay Barns
  • Maintenance Buildings
  • Tool Sheds
  • General Storage
  • Storage Facilities
  • Vehicle shed/garage

And for larger farms:

  • Workshops
  • Showrooms
  • College and School buildings
  • Helicopter / Aircraft Hangers
  • Factories


Benefits of agricultural steel buildings

There are a number of benefits to using steel instead of the traditional wooden structure, saving farmers time and money in constructing and maintaining their agricultural structures.

  • Steel structures span the distance of time much better than any other materials, unlike wood it is not susceptible to things like mould or termites that could severely weaken the structure.  Steel is unaffected by climate change and the weather, unlike other structures that can become brittle when exposed to continuous hot and cold temperatures.  Furthermore, steel structures do not bend or buckle, they do not rot or distort, and therefore they are easier to maintain and last much longer.


  • Steel is much more resistant to fire, it can be exposed to high temperatures without being affected, furthermore, it is not a material that helps to spread fires and smoke, such as wood. The best way to protect flammable stock, such as hay and dry crop, is to store them in a fire proof building.


  • Steel structures are much easier to clean, because of this they can be used to house more animals, such as cattle and poultry.


  • Steel buildings are more cost effective, not only do they last longer and better protect your stock, machinery and animals therefore saving money, but they are light weight and as a result fewer workers are required to erect the structure, saving money on labour.


  • Steel frame structures include infill walls, which is insulation in the frame itself, this offers certain benefits in terms of noise reduction, thermal insulation and vibration reduction.


  • Steel can be recycled and made into other steel structures, therefore it is considered to be very environmentally friendly.


  • Steel structures can be added to, expanded or improved upon at any time, if you find you require more storage space this can simply be added on, there is no need to create a completely new and bigger structure.


  • Steel is flexible and versatile, which means that you can create more creative designs, and because it is very durable, the designs you create can be bigger in scale, as steel can hold more weight.


  • Steel structures are usually easier to erect, unlike other structures that need to be hammered together, steel structures simply slot together.


With these benefits in mind, and the fact that pretty much any agricultural building can be made from steel, it is no wonder that steel is quickly becoming the most popular material to construct farming buildings.




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